Injection of Botox (Anal Fissure)

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Injection of Botox (Anal Fissure)

An injection of Botox is a procedure performed to treat anal fissure.
The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic administered by the specialist anaesthetist. Dr Morris will also use local anaesthetic to try to numb the area for up to 24 hours after your surgery (called a pudendal nerve block). The procedure may take up to 30-45 minutes.

As a thorough examination may not have been possible in the clinic due to the painful fissure, the first step is an ‘examination under anaesthesia’ to confirm the diagnosis and make note of any other findings.

The fissure is gently debrided, removing tags and chronic scarring – we aim to return the fissure to a ‘fresh’ wound so that it can then heal.

If you are having botox, 30-50 units of botox are injected into the internal anal sphincter on each side. The effects of the botox become evident by 5-7 days, and last 2-3 months.
This procedure is usually done as a day case.

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