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Colonoscopy is a camera test used to examine inside the bowel. It is the gold standard for detecting and removing precancerous polyps and detecting bowel cancer. 

A colonoscopy may be recommended if you have rectal bleeding, or bowel symptoms such as a change in bowel habits, abdominal pain or bloating, or the passage of mucous. 

The camera allows accurate inspection of the lining of the bowel, and identification of polyps, inflammation or other abnormalities. Polyps that are identified can be removed at the time, and sent for examination under a microscope. 

You will receive instructions regarding your colonoscopy including the commencement of a low fibre diet, and the bowel prep required to clear the bowel . It is important that waste is cleared so that we can have a clear view of the bowel lining. 

Immediately before your colonoscopy, your anaesthetist will administer sedation to help you stay relaxed and comfortable (and usually asleep!) through the procedure. Most people have little to no memory of the procedure.

Dr Morris gently and painlessly passes a flexible camera via the back passage (anus) and performs a careful inspection of the rectum, the colon and into the small bowel. Polyps are looked for, removed and sent for examination under the microscope. Biopsies may be taken from the small bowel, colon, or rectum depending on your symptoms and the findings of the colonoscopy.

Other planned procedures will have been discussed with you in the clinic, but your colonoscopy may allow treatment of your haemorrhoids at the same time – usually with rubber band ligation (RBL) or haemorrhoidal energy therapy (HET). 

After the procedure, the sedation will be allowed to wear off in recovery. You may have excess wind for a short time, which is normal.
You are not able to drive or operate machinery for 24 hours, and someone else must drive and accompany you home.

To enable a careful and accurate examination of the lining, the bowel must be cleared of waste as much as possible. Bowel preparation instructions will be provided to you at the time of booking, and it is vital that you adhere to the instructions. , 

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