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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. A referral is needed to be eligible for Medicare benefits for consultations and Medicare and Private Health benefits for procedures.

We do ask that your referral be submitted to the office before your appointment so that Dr Morris can review your information ahead of time.

Dr Morris values the role of your primary care GP, and thus does not offer a direct access option or in-house GP. Your GP remains a crucial caretaker role of your overall health, and Dr Morris prides himself on a close relationship and excellent communication with his referring GPs. 

Whilst streamlined clinics exist, Dr Morris chooses to be involved from your initial consultation, so that any particular nuances or individual characteristics are directly connected with the same surgeon performing your procedure. 

If you have had any tests that may be relevant such as scans, blood tests or a previous colonoscopy, please bring the reports with you on the day. If you do not have copies of these reports we will easily be able to request for them to be sent to Dr Morris, providing enough notice has been required. New patient forms will be provided to you via email at the time of booking. If you could you please take the time to complete and return to the head office by email or fax it would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, you can take these with you on the day. Please also bring a method of payment for your consultation. The preferred method is VISA or MasterCard.

Redlands Specialist Centre, Cleveland

Parking is available on site. The car park can occasionally get busy during the day. Please arrive 10-15mins before your appointment to allow for parking time. To view a map of the location, see Useful links below.

Nicholson St Specialist Centre, Greenslopes

Paid parking is available at the hospital in the multi-story carpark directly adjacent to the specialist centre. The entrances to the carpark are via the main entrance on Newdegate St and from Nicholson St. Free street parking on the street is available nearby but these spaces are very popular and sometimes difficult to obtain.
If you are catching public transport, a free hospital shuttle bus runs continuous loops from the Greenslopes bus station.

The fee for your initial consultation will depend on the condition for which you are seeing Dr Morris and your treatment plan moving forward.
Payment is due at the time of consultation via EFTPOS and major credit/debit cards.

All consultation fees are as follows:

Initial Consultation: Fee  $ 200-$250, Medicare Rebate $ 75.05
Sigmoidoscopy: Fee  $ 75,  Medicare Rebate$ 40.70
Follow up (standard):  Fee  $ 100,  Medicare Rebate $ 37.70
Follow up: (more than 9 months since last visit) Fee $ 200,  Medicare Rebate $ 75.05
Bowel prep kit for colonoscopy:  Fee  $ 25 – $ 50 N/A

We are pleased to offer online medicare claiming. We will submit a claim to Medicare on your behalf following payment of your consultation. If your bank details are registered with Medicare, they will deposit your rebate into your nominated bank account automatically and we will provide you with a receipt and confirmation of the Medicare claim. If you are seeing Dr Morris at his Cleveland location, the receipt and confirmation of the Medicare claim will be emailed to you the next day.
No. Usually, all procedures and surgeries are performed in the sterile environment of the endoscopy suite or operating theatre where the appropriate staff and equipment are at the ready. As part of your consultation, Dr Morris may need to perform a “sigmoidoscopy” as part of your examination.

A Sigmoidoscopy is an examination of the sigmoid colon and rectum (via a rigid sigmoidoscope). Dr Morris will determine the need for a sigmoidoscopy during your initial consultation. This applies to rectal conditions only and does not apply to general surgical conditions.

Dr Morris’s fees to perform a procedure or surgery are based on complexity and the overall time spent on your care during and after the procedure. Consultation is required to determine any treatment recommendations.

If you are fully insured, the majority of the costs will be covered by your health fund. After your consultation we will provide you with a formal estimate of fees. It is not possible to provide a quotation prior to a formal consultation given the wide variety of possible interventions tailored to an individual patient. 


If you require a procedure or surgery and do not have private health insurance with hospital cover, please be advised that surgeon, hospital and anaesthetist fees will apply. Other potential fees may be incurred for a surgical assistant, pathology, radiology, pharmacy and any other doctor that may be involved in your care.

Therefore, you may wish to consider requesting that your GP refer you to a public health service. Total costs vary greatly depending on the exact procedure required.
All procedure are performed in hospital. While Dr Morris tries to keep his surgical fees low, facility fees charged by the hospital (not including the anaesthetist and Dr Morris’s fees) can be quite extensive if you do not have private health insurance.

Hospital facility fees start from approximately $800 for a colonoscopy, approximately $2000-4000 for haemorrhoid, fissure and fistula procedures and over $5000 for other surgical operations. Medicare do not pay a rebate towards hospital fees.

A quote for fees is not possible prior to consultation, as any surgical recommendations will be tailored specifically for you. 

On the day of your procedure or surgery, simply present to the main reception desk located just within the main entrance of the hospital and the hospital reception staff will direct you from there.

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