Haemorrhoidal Energy Therapy (HET)

The latest in modern and painless haemorrhoid treatment 


Haemorrhoidal Energy Therapy (HET)

Haemorrhoidal Energy Therapy is a new and modern technique that utilises a specialised device to apply a mild bipolar energy to the apex of the problematic haemorrhoids. This treats bleeding by reducing the size of the haemorrhoids, and treats prolapsing haemorrhoids by reattaching the haemorrhoid higher in the anal canal. By reducing the size and prolapsing nature of haemorrhoids, it can reduce discomfort, bleeding, soiling or minor leakage, and incontinence. 

Dr Morris has now been performing HET for several years, and it has largely replaced the more traditional ‘rubber band ligation’ of haemorrhoids in his practice.  Current research shows that HET is likely to be painless, and certainly less painful than rubber bands can be. 

HET requires no recovery, and a return to work and usual activities usually possible within 1-2 days. All haemorrhoid treatments however require time for the haemorrhoids to shrink and contract in the new, desire position – thus to allow this to occur, anal sex or insertion is likely best avoided for 3-4 weeks. 

This is usually a painless procedure, with the treatment applied far enough inside the anorectum that there is no nerve supply. Most patients do not need any pain relief or additional time off work after this procedure. 

This procedure is easily coupled with a colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy – this means that treatment of your haemorrhoids can be performed at the same time as your colonoscopy – thus the source of bleeding identified and fixed all at once.  


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